The Department of  Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design


Costume Museum

The CHE Costume Museum is under the management of the CTID Department. It houses a collection of more than a thousand pieces of rare historic Filipino costumes and accessories (shoes, bags, belts, veils, hats, etc.). The museum’s collection is composed of rare and authentic items which represent a valuable segment of the historical development of the Filipino cultural heritage. To date, this collection is superior to other museum collections in terms of relevance to historic development of styles of Filipino costumes. The museum also serves as a laboratory for Clothing Technology majors , specifically for students in CT 25 class who are required to do laboratory work in the Costume Museum.


The Crafts and Interior Design Laboratory (CIDL) Building

The Crafts and Interior Design Laboratory serves as a research and development unit for the Bachelor of Science in Clothing Technology (BSCT) and bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID) programs. This is where actual garments, apparel and interior design accessories and finishes are produced by BSCT and BSID students during their laboratory classes. For the BSCT, it also serves as resource center for the study of different draping techniques, pattern-drafting and clothing construction. Likewise, for the BSID, it serves as a resource center for the study of interior construction material, experimental surfaces, window treatments and decorative accessories for interiors.

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