The Department of  Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design   

Academic Programs

BS Clothing Technology

The BS Clothing Technology program was instituted in 1975. The program offers courses in clothing design, production, merchandising and research. It is strengthened by 12 units of practicum in the clothing industry. It prepares students to systematically apply the basic concepts, principles and techniques of industrial technology, management and design to the different aspects of clothing, production, distribution and consumption. The program aims to meet the needs of individuals, families and institutions as it addresses the aesthetic, social, cultural, economic, managerial and environmental concerns in clothing. A graduate of the program qualifies for managerial and technical positions in garment and textile manufacturing, buying/trading companies, retail service and research establishments.


BS Interior Design

Instituted in 1973, the BS Interior Design, formerly titled, Bachelor of Interior Design (BID), is a joint program between CHE and the College of Architecture. It provides a broad general education and specialization in interior design. Specifically, in includes courses in design, history of art, furniture construction, soft furnishings, aesthetics, socio-economic, cultural and environmental aspects of daily living in shaping and treating space to meet the needs of individuals, families and institutions. The program trains and prepares its students to qualify for the licensure examination for interior designers. BSID graduates qualify for positions such as junior project designer in interior design, architectural and furniture firms; as product designer, visual merchandiser, display artist, movie or TV production designer; events planner, stylist for interior design magazines and entrepreneur for interior accessories.


Master of Interior Design

The MID program, initially offered in 1996, is designed to upgrade the competencies in the teaching of Interior Design at the tertiary level. Being the only master’s degree in interior design in the country, it likewise provides advance training in interior design for practitioners in terms of strengthening their skills in research and creative work. It also addresses the requirement of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) pertaining to interior design educators obtaining a master’s degree. Specifically, in includes courses in theory on interior design, interior design education, interior design technology, environmental concerns in interior design, interior design and Philippine society and culture, current issues in interior design and comparative interior design.