The Department of  Family and Child Development



Practicum, Research and Extension House (PREH)

The Practicum, Research and Extension House is maintained by the college, through the FLCD Department, as a common laboratory for its various academic programs and as a venue for research and extension activities. The FLCD department makes use of the PREH for its course on home management. Students are housed at the PREH to put into practice the principles and processes of home management.

Furthermore, the PREH houses the Infant Development Program (IDP) and the Toddlers Class of the Child Development Center.

Child Development Center (CDC) is the laboratory school of the FLCD Department. It educates children from 3 months to 5 ½ years old. The Center adheres to a holistic-humanistic view of the child. It specializes in understanding the child through the dynamics of  family life and social influences. It advocates a progressive approach in early childhood education, through the use of Integrated Core Curriculum.

The Center is primarily utilized by FLCD students for observation of preschool children, practice teaching, training in preschool management and research. The faculty of the Department utilizes it for research and the development of instructional materials for preschool children and parent education.

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