The Department of  Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management


Members of the Faculty


Raymund Gerard I. Guerrero (Department Chair) 

Maria Corazon Elizabeth S. Asiddao

Lilibeth J. Baylosis

Ma. Lourdes D. Catral, Ph.D.

Percival U. Cortez

Rosanne Nicolette M. Eleazar

Kim Boysie Enage

Noreen P. Escultura  (Director-UPS Budget)

Corazon F. Gatchalian Ph.D.

Shirley V. Guevarra Ph.D. (Director, OSH)

Liza J. Guggenheim

Jennifer P. Loverio (FIC-Tearoom)

Annalisa Margarita V. Mariano

Mary Delia G. Tomacruz (Director, UPTC)

Mary Anne R. Tumanan

Germaine Angelica P. Salvador


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