The Department of  Home Economics Education


Koleksyon ng Katutubong Kagamitan sa Pagkain

The Koleksyon ng Katutubong Kagamitan sa Pagkain (Collection of Indigenous Cooking Equimpment and Implements) is a collection of traditional kitchen equipment and implements. The collection highlights indigenous equipment used in the planning, preparation, cooking, preservation and serving of foods in different parts of the country. The Koleksyon serves as a resource material for the food, nutrition, household resource management and crafts courses of the College.

The collection was formally launched on July 27, 1992 during the 31st Foundation Day celebration of the College through the efforts of Dr. Elsa A. Orlina and Dr. Grace P. Perdigon. The collection currently comprises 94 items donated or purchased by the HEEd Department. The items are presently kept at the HEEd Laboratory room and are on limited access until an appropriate display area is constructed.


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