The Department of Food Science and Nutrition 

Service Laboratories 


Pilot Food Plant 


The UP Pilot Food Plant (PFP) was established in 1961 primarily to serve as a training laboratory for food technology students. It also provides technical assistance services in the form of food processing, product development and quality control to private individuals, small and medium scale companies and government agencies.


Food Science Laboratories


Room 104 serves as a graduate and research laboratory of the College. It provides a space devoted for the laboratory needs of graduate students doing their special problems and independent research. In addition it also provides a laboratory room for faculty researches.


Room 105 serves as a laboratory space for food microbiology and research courses.


Room 106 houses the facilities for the physico-chemical analysis of food ingredients and products as well as packaging materials. It serves as a training laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Food Chemistry, Food Analysis and Food Packaging courses. The laboratory also serves the space and equipment requirements for students doing their independent research.

Room 117 is a laboratory used by FS 106 (General Microbiology) and FS 105 (Principles and Methods of Food Hygiene and Sanitation) classes.   It serves as a venue for learning the rudiments of microbiology and its impact on safety and quality.

Nutrition Laboratories

Room 102 is a room used for lectures and laboratory activities of various courses in the college, including Dietary Patterns (FN 24) and Food Service Management (FN 117 and FN 117.1). In these courses, students are introduced to local and international cuisines and are prepared in managing functions utilizing various styles of food service.

Room 103 (Matilde P. Guzman Laboratory) serves as the classroom and laboratory for FN 11 (Principles of Food Preparation), a course required for almost all baccalaureate degrees offered in the College of Home Economics. Here, students learn the scientific principles behind the preparation of various dishes including baked goods, frozen desserts and confectionery.

Nutrition Laboratory Room 115 is a room used for laboratory activities of various courses of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, which includes Principles of Nutrition (FN 15), Nutrition for the At-risk Groups (FN 16), Fundamentals of Food Technology (FN 112), Nutritional Assessment and Epidemiology (FN 115) and Diet Therapy 1 (FN 125). It also houses the mixed nutrition education materials used in Nutrition Education and Training I and II (FN 165 and 165.1).

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