The Educative Goals of CHE

Academic programs in the College of Home Economics seek to mold the studentry towards academic excellence based on sound human values, imbue them with a deep sense of social responsibility and challenge them to help strengthen the foundation of the nation and transform our country into a better place to live. To this end, the Seven Educative Goals were identified and unanimously approved by the CHE faculty on April 22, 1992 and later validated by its studentry.

Love of GodBelief in an Omnipotent Being who governs the universe of which we are a part. This belief is manifested in the act of obedience to His will and concern for the well-being of one’s fellowmen.

Love of Country Devotion to one’s country. This devotion is manifested by deliberate efforts to learn as much about the country, showing respect and pride in its people, history and culture, and zealously supporting the country towards self – determination and attainment of the common aspirations of the people.

Belief in the Integrative Role of the Family The family is the foundation of the nation (Article XV, Philippine Constitution); the basic unit which nurtures its members, a vital link in the transmission of values and an essential agent of change. Recognition of the essential role of the family implies continuing interest in its development, strengthening solidarity in one’s own family and others, and seriously considering the interactive influence of profession, family and community.

Ethical Behaviour Manner of carrying out day-to-day activities in conformity to moral and other standards of conduct. It starts with a clear understanding of basic moral and ethical principles. It is manifested in deliberate efforts to uphold these principles and be guided by them in everyday decision making.

Management Mindedness Recognition that institutions and organizations do not run by themselves. Orientation towards effective and efficient attainment of goals, considering the larger environment. Development of necessary interpersonal, technical and conceptual skills.

Pursuit of Excellence Commitment to discharge responsibilities in the light of one’s best efforts and set increasingly higher goals based on sound values. It is concerned with critical and creative thinking in both academic and non-academic matters. High standards are sought, prepared for through life-long learning and pursued in the home, school, workplace and anywhere one has a role to play.

Social Responsibility Dedication to serve the Filipino people, with preference for promoting the welfare of disadvantaged groups and the interests of the greater majority of the population. It begins with a recognition of a community beyond one’s self, kin and profession. It is expressed in advocacy and manifested by participating competently in the present society while working to improve it.

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